A note from a nurse at East Jefferson General Hospital, regarding the Cuddle Cot donated to the hospital by Saul's Light: 

​I am writing this on behalf Baby ****** and family. 

The Cuddle Cot played a huge role in dealing with the death of their baby. They wished to spend as much time as possible with her before they left the hospital. These precious moments meant the world to them and every minute they got to spend with her counted!!  The mother said time and time again how grateful she was to have every minute with her.

The baby stayed in her room until the funeral home came to pick the baby up a few days after she was born. The baby looked absolutely perfect because of the Cuddle Cot. The Cuddle Cot made a huge impact, and the family is forever grateful.

(I wish we had this a long time ago. Every hospital should have one.)

- Jade

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