NICU Support

Founded by NICU parents for NICU parents

We’ve been there ourselves and for hundreds of other NICU families. Together with our partners, volunteers, and donors, we support and guide parents and families through this difficult and stressful time with an experienced hand.

How we serve NICU families

NICU Funds

We’ve created a fund at East Jefferson General Hospital and Children’s Hospital to cover basic needs throughout a NICU stay, including transportation, food, and lodging. A large portion of contributions go to replenishing these funds.

Little library

We stock the NICUs with books so that parents can read to and bond with their babies during their stay.


We work alongside social workers and medical teams to ensure clear and productive communication between hospital staff and NICU families.

Emotional Support

For many families, the opportunity to talk to someone familiar with the NICU provides great comfort. We are available to comfort and guide parents throughout their NICU experience.


Saul’s Light empowers NICU families to be their babies’ best advocates by educating them about the NICU experience and guiding them to helpful resources.

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Hospital NICU partners

East Jefferson Hospital

Metairie, LA

Touro Infirmary

New Orleans, LA

Children's Hospital

New Orleans, LA

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